You said…. We Did

You said…

The School uniform needing smartening up!

We did….

We introduced the new school uniform which everyone is now wearing. The old school uniform was recycled to two different charities. One of the charities will be using the garments to make items for sale e.g. cat beds. The other charity is sending our clothes to Africa to be worn by the children there.

A lot of people have commented how smart we now look especially the introduction of ties and the change of colour from red to burgundy.

You said….

At Playtimes there was not enough to do and that some children were playing silly, chasing games.

We did….

The very next day we unlocked the sheds and found the unused play equipment which the adults now get out at the beginning of the morning playtime.

We re-established a seating area so that children who do not want to play physical games can sit quietly and chat, read and draw.

We bought two new football goals and at playtimes a member of staff supervises a game of football.

You said….

We no longer have Playtime Buddies.

We did….

First we reintroduced the idea of Playtime Buddies to the whole school in assembly and invited pupils from Years 4-6 to apply for the post.

Later that week we short listed the children who had applied for the post and then drew up a list of candidates to be interviewed. We held a round of interviews and selected 18 children to become the new Buddies.

In the meantime we ordered a new Buddy sign and a new set of Buddy hats.

On Monday 26th January, in assembly the new Playtime Buddies were appointed. A rota has been drawn up and every day 4 Buddies are on duty. Two of whom organise and supervise playtime games.

You said.…

The toast in the morning tuck shop was white bread which was soggy even when toasted.

 We did….

We spoke to Mr Snow and the next day the kitchen staff introduced brown bread which has been well received by the pupils.

 You said….

Since the introduction of the School Tuck Shop there has been an increase in rubbish on the school playground.

We did.…

We have ordered 4 new litter bins – one in each of the school house colours to be placed on the large playground.