Shanklin (Year 2)

Mrs Eagar welcomes you to Shanklin Class

P.E Days: Monday and Wednesday

February in Year 2

During RE day, the children listened carefully to each other’s views when the question was asked:

‘If God walked into the room, what would God be like?’


The author Peta Rainford visited Barton. Year 2 planned a story in groups, then shared the story with others. Peta said ” The Year 2 children used the opening lines of my book, Jamie and the Joke Factory to develop crazy, imaginative stories through illustration.  I loved the fact that they were so engaged in the task and working in teams, and their stories were all so different.”

Year 2 will be using the tips about story writing from Peta next term when they write their own ‘…. Who is Afraid of the Dark’ book.

Year 2 loved the visit from ‘Google’ when they went on a ‘Google Expedition’ to the bottom of the ocean.