School Newsletter Summer Term Issue 28


Dear Parents,

After nearly a year of being in the new uniform we are reviewing its impact. We are really pleased with the uniform as a whole. After feedback from parents and pupils we are going to make three adjustments.

  1. Due to the success of the Nursery burgundy polo shirts we are to make this official uniform in the nursery from September.
  2. We are also going to extend the use of these burgundy polo shirts into the Reception class. We have noticed that the white polo shirts in Reception certainly take a battering and we are happy for you to choose either the white or the burgundy polo shirts in this class.

The rest of the school will remain white.

  1. The other change is to the PE shirts. The current t-shirts have not weathered well. So we tasked the school council to find an alternative. See picture. These will be available from the ‘Big Wight T-shirt company ready for September. We are happy for the old ones to still be worn until you need to replace them, over time they will be replaced with the new ones.


Mr Mark Snow

Head Teacher


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