School Attendance

Our current school attendance rate is 94%, which meant we aren’t meeting our target of 96%. The Education Welfare and Inclusion Service are working with us to help us hit the target and will be closely monitoring pupils whose attendance gives cause for concern.

As a school we are legally obliged to monitor attendance and must take action when a child’s attendance drops below the level required by the government. We work closely with the Education Welfare and Inclusion Service who advise us on the actions that should be taken.

We understand that you may feel frustrated if your child has been absent because of illness, but as a school Ofsted and the Department for Education expect us to be pro-active in our action on attendance.

How our attendance is assessed.

Our target attendance is 96%. Once a child’s attendance drops to this level they will be monitored and parents may be invited into school for a School Attendance Meeting.

Pupils missing more than 10% of school (those at less than 90%) are classed as ‘Persistently Absent’.

Attendance is assessed cumulatively, so children can drop below & rise above the levels at which we are required to take action as the year progresses. The Education Welfare & Inclusion Service also monitor children who have 10 days or more absence within a 12 week period.

Number of days off and how it equates to percentage attendance.

At the end of Autumn term:

1 day off will be equal to 98.6% attendance.

5 days off will be equal to 92.8% attendance.

7 days off will be equal to 89.9% attendance. Persistently absent.

At the end of a full school year:

1 day off will be equal to 99.5% attendance.

5 days off will be equal to 97.3% attendance.

10 days off will be equal to 94.7% attendance.

15 days off will be equal to 92% attendance.

19 days off will be equal to 89.9% attendance. Persistently absent.


Please note arrival in school after 8.40am will result in a late mark and that arrival in school after 9am has to be marked as an unauthorised absence and will affect the attendance mark.

Absence from school

If your child will be absent from school you should contact the school by 9.00am to inform us of the reason for their absence.

In accordance with Ofsted and Department for Education requirements, we also require a written reason for the absence on their return to school, this can be a letter, email, text or completion of an absence form.

All medical appointments must also be supported by a letter/appointment card/proof of appointment.

If we do not receive written reasons for absence we are required to record the absence as unauthorised.

Holidays In Term Time

The school will consider all requests for holiday during term time on a case by case basis. The hidden cost of lost education is very precious to us.  The school can use fixed penalty fines to discourage the taking of holidays in term time.

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