To kick start our Horticultural Project we were very lucky to have the very generous support of Travis Perkins in Ryde.  Their General Manager, Rob Lyons, kindly donated all the materials needed to build 8 raised beds, (one for each class).  Mrs Backshall’s husband and father-in-law gave up many hours of their spare time to build the raised beds for our school community.  They look fantastic and now that the Horticultural area has been levelled the beds will be put in position shortly ready to grow bumper crops in the coming months.

During the summer term, our gardening club children from across the year groups enjoyed time in the garden and planted flowers, vegetables and fruit.  Since we started the project we have successfully achieved the RHS School Gardening Awards, level 1 & 2!  This is very exciting news and came with prizes for the school.  Our certificates will shortly be displayed in school for all to see.


To achieve RHS School Gardening Award Level 1, we had to show that:

    • We understand the benefits of gardening to children and young people
    • A person has been chosen to lead the gardening project/activity
    • An area has been identified for a gardening project/activity
    • We have planned the area and are looking at resources we might need
    • We understand hazards in the garden


To achieve RHS School Gardening Award Level 2, we had to show that:


  • We have started to grow some plants
  • We are asking our students what they want to grow
  • We can use basic gardening terms
  • We can use hand tools safely
  • We have the skills to prepare the soil, sow, plant and water


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