Principles of Science At Barton

Our principles were reviewed from the previous year and adapted.  The principles are displayed around the school in child friendly language.

We know that good Science happens in our School when:
There are high levels of enthusiasm in our lessons from teachers and children.
The children are expected to ask questions and answer them through investigations.
Adult interaction prompts and extends thinking for all levels of ability.
Adults model and children use scientific vocabulary, demonstrating their understanding of it.
New learning is happening which builds upon previous skills and knowledge.
Assessment informs planning.
Technology is used in science lessons.
All children have a ‘Can do’ attitude to their science learning.

The children of Barton told Mrs Eagar that good Science happens in our School.  They know this because:

  • Our Science lessons are exciting.
  • We ask questions and find out ourselves by doing investigations.
  • We are asked questions which really make us think.
  • We use and understand lots of Scientific words.
  • Our teacher finds out what we know already and teaches us new, more challenging things.
  • We use technology in our science lessons.

We always try our best in our science lessons

Click here to view our full report…Barton Still Loves Science! 2015-2016 (1)

Meet our school pet.  His name is Snowflake and he is an albino Giant African Land Snail.  If you would like to look after him for the weekend, please ask your mum/dad/carer to see Mrs Eagar.

This month we are investigating and asking questions about magnets.

The children thought of their own questions to investigate.

Science at home

You could investigate the children’s questions:

“Is the biggest magnet the strongest?”

“Why do magnets ‘stick’ together?

“Why are some coins magnetic and some are not?”





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