Sensory Activities/ELSA Challenges


Dear children & parents,
I hope you are all staying safe and well at this difficult time.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at Barton if you would like any ELSA resources to support your child/children at this difficult time.  I hope you have found the previous 14 day challenges useful, I will be adding extra resources on a regular basis to the website.
Take care Miss Armiger (Charmain)
30th June 2020 – Here are 2 posters, the first shows some suggestions for wellbeing and the second has been left blank for you to create your own A-Z for wellbeing.
3rd June – The ‘Going back to school’ booklet may be helpful for children to complete over the Summer. There are some great, daily  ideas on the calendar for June.
14th May – This week Miss Armiger is looking at the 5 challenges below:

ELSA – home challenge





Childrens Activities for inside


You will find eight ‘Top Tips’ as you scroll through the link which could be beneficial.

Coronavirus; help support and advice

Sensory Ideas

Sensory Integration Activity Ideas

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