Speech & Language

Speech & language
So far on Facebook, we have posted activities for 6 different areas of Speech and Languge.
6/5/20 – Emotions
29/4/20- Prepositions
22/4/20- Pronouns
15/4/20 – Visual Memory
1/4/20 – Auditory Memory
25/3/20 – Speech Sounds
This week we are going to look at Describing.
Bag of objects – Placing different items in the bag, your child picks one out can they
describe it for you to guess? You pick out an object too, can they guess from your
description what the item is.
Use items that your children has knowledge of. (Uses auditory memory).
Kim’s game – laying objects out the on floor or table can, your child choose the
correct item you are describing. (Uses visual memory).
Describe the feel, use, material etc of the item not just the look of the object.
If your out for daily exercise, have access to a garden or around your home describe
items around you for the children to find.
Pictures, like the two below, as well as being great to describe are also
fantastic for incorporating a variety of Speech and Language areas that have been
posted previously, such as pronouns and prepositions.
Miss Ward


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Speech and Language Auditory Memory Activities – 1st April

Suggested activities for workbooks (EHCP)

If you have any questions about these activities,  please contact the office and they will forward your email.
Thank you and stay safe.
Miss Ward – Speech and Language LSA

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