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About the School

Barton Primary School is a Community School within the comprehensive system of education on the Isle of Wight. It provides care and education for boys and girls from 3 – 11 years.

There are approximately 288 children on roll with a staffing establishment of Headteacher, Deputy Head, SENCO and 12 teachers.

The planned admission limit for the academic year is 45.

In addition to this number there is an Early Years maintained nursery with a qualified Teacher and at least 3 Nursery Assistants.

Our School Day (times may differ due to Coronavirus):


School Starts: 8.45am (anyone arriving after this time will be classed as late)

School Ends 2.50pm

Years 1-6

Doors Open: 8.35am

School Starts: 8.40am (Children should be in their classrooms by 8.40am, anyone arriving after this time will be classed as late)

School Ends: 3.00pm

Parents/carers are welcome to visit the school in order to assess the opportunities provided for their child and should contact the school office for an appointment.

Barton Primary is situated near the centre of Newport.


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