Absences and holiday requests

Absence from School

It is a requirement that parents/carers let us know on the first day of any absence why the child is not at school by 9am. In conjunction with the Local Education Authority (LEA) we operate a First Day Calling Policy and if we do not get a message from you we will try to contact you by text or phone. If we are unable to contact you Education Welfare are required to deal with this.

When your child returns to school we require a reason for absence in writing. This can either be a note or email, or you can complete an absence form (see below).

All medical appointments must be supported by proof of appointment (letter/card/email etc).

If we do not receive written reasons for absence we are required to record the absence as unauthorised.


Holidays in term time

Barton Primary School will be considering all requests for holiday during term time on a case by case basis. The hidden cost of lost education is very precious to us.  The school can use fixed penalty fines to discourage holidays in term time (£60 per parent, per child), but we would prefer to work with parents and come to an understanding that attendance is vital to academic success.

If you must take a holiday in term time, please complete the form below and return it to the school.