Shanklin (Year 2)

Ms Lingard-Lane welcomes you to Shanklin Class

Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Bulpitt, Mrs Jenkins, Mrs Smith, Miss Darcy & Mrs Backshall.

Letter to Shanklin class

KS1 Transition letter


Entrance and exit



Year 2 Common Exception Words

kind         gold          any            move

find          told           many         prove

mind        plant        door           door

behind      Mr             poor          again

wild           Mrs            floor         sugar

child          most           our            who

last           both             hour          climb

past        children        only          clothes

fast           water          money       improve

path         because       even           break

bath          people         half             great

Here are some websites with some fun Maths activities to help your child learn.

Place Value Basketball
Helicopter Rescue
Hit the Button
A great speed game to practise times tables and number bonds.
Snowboard Slalom





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