St Helens (Year 1/2)

Mrs Burke welcomes you to St Helens class.

Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Bulpitt, Miss Darcy, Miss Crossley, Miss Ward & Mrs Backshall.

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PE Reception and Key Stage 1

PE is on a Tuesday & Thursday.

Thinkuknow: keeping your child safe online while they are off school
Thinkuknow is the national online safety education programme from CEOP, the online child protection command of the National Crime Agency.
Thinkuknow helps parents, carers, teachers and others keep children safe from sexual abuse, offering learning activities, advice and support for children and young people aged 4-18 and their families.

Please go online for more information: https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/parents


Exciting news for home reading!

To support your child with reading at home, we have subscribed to the Oxford Owl eBook Library giving access to more than 500 ebooks for use across the age range from Reception to Year 6.

Over the next week or so, your child’s teacher will be in touch with details of how to log in to the library and what your child will be expected to do to ensure that they continue to develop their reading skills whilst learning at home.

Please see the leaflet for more information. If you have any further questions, please contact the class teacher in the usual way.

Oxford Owl information leaflet


What have St Helens class been doing so far?

Year 1 and 2

On Wednesday KS1 had a visit from the fire service. The officer explored fire safety and what to do in an emergency. He also set homework for the grown-ups at home – please test your smoke alarms! If you don’t have one, or they’re not working, please contact the school and the fire service can support you with making your homes safer. This was linked to the learning around the Great Fire of London in history.

The children enjoyed having a visitor in school and sitting socially distanced together in the hall – the first time in over a year!

St Helens class have been working outside filling the flowerbeds with soil in preparation for our Sugar Snap Pea plants. Great team work and enthusiasm from all the children!

St Helens Class designed and tested their own Mars Rover to drop. We watched clips and talked about what was needed to protect the robot ‘egg’. The challenge was to protect the egg inside from the impact of being dropped from a height.
The children enjoyed the countdown to launch and they’re starting to use some scientific language to explain their ideas.

As part of Science week, St Helens class have been finding out about Space rockets and have made a group one to carry out a test flight (weather permitting!). The children thought about the shape, the weight and the parts of the rocket that will help it fly further. Exploring what planets are in our Solar System, we have also designed our ‘Egg Drop’ rover (like the one that landed on Mars recently). This will be made and tested next week. Will the ‘egg’ robot inside the rover survive?




St Helens Class have enjoyed flipping pancakes ahead of Pancake Day.

St Helens have been thinking about how we can keep happy and healthy inside and out. We have been exploring how we can keep safe and who cares for us. We did a Google Meet with our friends that are working from home and sang a song to ‘express ourselves’ (the theme of the week). The children decorated a poster showing how they like to play with their friends.

St Helens class have been busy practicing their number bonds to 10, ordering owl pictures smallest to largest and finding out about different types of animals in Science.

Charlie has created a brilliant poster with facts about owls for his home learning work.

Bailey has made a fantastic owl collage using things found out and about for his home learning!


In St Helens class the children were set the challenge of building a structure that could hold up the Christmas elf (following the work we have been doing on The Three Little Pigs). They practised good team work and had fun working with marshmallows and spaghetti!

The children really enjoyed the party food – thank you again for the donations.


KS1 have been exploring ideas that have come from sharing the book Here We Are. It encourages us to think about how to keep healthy and how we need to look after the world around us. Here are a few posters that the children have made which we hope to share with the island’s new Beach Ambassadors!

St Helens class have been splatter painting in the style of Jackson Pollock. Their ideas were inspired by fireworks. Messy fun had by all!

Here is a list of the Year 1 & 2 Common Exception Words – please practise reading and spelling these words with your child.

Year 1 Common Exception Words                                                        Year 2 Common Exception Words

the             is               no               one                                                                     kind         gold          any            move

a                his             go               once                                                                   find          told           many         prove

to               has             so               ask                                                                    mind        plant        door           door

do              I                by              friend                                                                behind      Mr             poor          again

today         you             my              school                                                           wild           Mrs            floor         sugar

of               your           here           put                                                                 child          most           our            who

said            they           there         push                                                               last           both             hour          climb

says           be              where        pull                                                                  past        children        only          clothes

are             he              love            full                                                                  fast           water          money       improve

were          me              come          house                                                           path         because       even           break

was             she             some          our                                                              bath          people         half             great

class         could           parents      Christmas

grass         would         father          beautiful

old           everybody   pretty

cold          after              eye

hold            every          sure

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