School Money


In order to improve the way the school operates the administration of all paid services, eg: school dinners, trips etc, Barton Primary School is  “cashless” Schoolmoney  for parents to make payments online for school activities such as school dinners, school trips and school photos.

Our new Schoolmoney.co.uk facility allows  both parents and school staff to experience a more streamlined, cost-effective and efficient payment collection system in a secure and safe environment.

From time to time you will receive a text message from the school inviting you to access a website as an option to make a payment for an activity. We would appreciate your support in this matter,

To ensure that we all experience maximum benefit from this service, we would ask all parents to notify us if you have recently changed your mobile number and/or email address.

If you are not able to access School Money online, you will be able to make payments at Paypoint Outlets using the attached person specific barcodes. (Please note that Paypoint payments may take 48 hours to appear on your account.)

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.