Bembridge (Year 1)

Miss Wilkins welcomes you to Bembridge class.


Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Bulpitt, Mrs Jenkins, Mrs Smith, Miss Darcy & Mrs Backshall.

Introduction – Miss Wilkins

Bembridge welcome letter

Year 6 information book for students

Transition pics

Entrance and exit videos

Here are some activities for you to complete, please bring them to school in September:

Getting Ready for Year 1

My Family Scrapbook

Spreading My Wings task

KS1 Transition letter




Here is a list of the Year 1 Common Exception Words – please practice reading and spelling these words with your child.

Year 1 Common Exception Words

the             is               no               one

a                his             go               once

to               has             so               ask

do              I                by              friend

today         you             my              school

of               your           here           put

said            they           there         push

says           be              where        pull

are             he              love            full

were          me              come          house

was             she             some          our

Here are some useful and fun sites to help with your child’s learning!




Useful websites for Year 1s…
https://www.purplemash.com/sch/bartonprimary (login details to be shared soon!)
Here is a helpful link for parents looking to support their children with their reading and how to develop their phonics.


scatlife.com amateurfetishist.com analonly.org