Totland (Year 3)

Miss Evans welcomes you to Totland class.

P.E days are Monday and Wednesday.


Totland class have been cooking and enjoying their very own festival this week. You can see the pictures in our gallery.

Stone Age Jewellery.
As part of our topic work, we have been learning about the Stone Age. We’e learnt lots about how they lived, and they lives differed to our today. We had lots of fun on Friday morning make our very own Stone Age jewellery using clay and items from the outside environment to decorate them (flowers, sticks, pebbles).
Today, Totland class had lots of fun making pizza’s! We have been learning all about fractions in maths and this week we’re focusing on equivalent fractions. Miss Evans’ thought that making pizza’s and sharing would help us visualise our fractions and how we can write ‘half’ in different ways.



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