Appley Class

Important information for parents regarding the wider opening of school June 2020 – please click on the link below

Wider opening of school for June 2020


Early Year’s Home Learning – Spring

Please also see the new Science tab on the main Home Learning page for updated science experiments.
Purple Mash
On Purple Mash, you can access the Mini Mash area for Early Years. Within this zone, there are plenty of different activities, based on maths, phonics and creativity. The children access this quite regularly in class, so they are aware of how to navigate around.
Teach your monster to read
Free app until 23rd March
Phonics Play
Free access without having to pay subscription
Username: march20
Password: home

PE Activities

Online Safety at home

Please remember to be aware when using the internet. Ensure you only use reputable tutors and websites, stick with brands and services you know have been researched thoroughly.

Safe to Net – letter for parents

Online safety helpsheet for parents

Online safety at home for 4-5 year olds activity-sheet

Online Safety-4-5s-home-activity-sheet

Reward chart for 4-7 year olds -activity-reward-chart

30.6.20 thinkuknow-5-7s-home-activity

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